Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny

Is StrateGene® right for you?
Is StrateGene® right for you?

Histamine Pathway

Carol never could tolerate orange juice or pineapples.

Now she knows why.

Is StrateGene® right for you?
Is StrateGene® right for you?

Dopamine Pathway

Janey has been anxious her whole life.

Now look at her.

Is StrateGene® right for you?
Is StrateGene® right for you?

Serotonin Pathway

Ben always struggled with falling asleep at night.

Now he knows why.

Is StrateGene® right for you?
Is StrateGene® right for you?

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    Spit into the saliva collection tube up to the fill line or swab your cheek and follow the in-box instructions to mix in the stabilizing liquid, cap the tube and shake.

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    Explore our collection of educational videos and resources to learn about your results and gain a better understanding of the pathways affected by your genes.

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StrateGene® Genetic Pathway Analysis

Presented by Seeking Health®*

Iincludes: DNA Test Collection Kit (Swab or Spit), StrateGene® Core Report, Raw Data

Additional Bonuses include: Dirty Genes Book, ABCs of Clean Genes, Dirty Genes Course (10 videos), Dirty Genes Summit (2 interviews)


*Presented by Seeking Health LLC on behalf of Dirty Genes LLC. StrateGene® is not refundable.

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The Whole Picture Approach to Genetic Reports

Screen shots of StrateGene website on desktop and mobile Image of Dirty Genes book along with screen shot of Education page on the StrateGene website Dr. Ben Lynch talking to a group of people

Genes don't act in isolation.

They work together as a team. This is why StrateGene® presents your genetic findings in Pathways. You’ll get an instant glimpse into how entire Pathways are impacted by your unique set of genetics. It’s not bad. It’s not good. It’s you. You’re different and now you’ll know why – fast.

With StrateGene®, you have access to your StrateGene® Core Report which features 75 Genes and 147 SNPs across:

  • Your Folate Pathway
  • Your Methionine Pathway
  • Your Methylation Cycle (combined Folate and Methionine Pathways)
  • Your Serotonin and Melatonin Pathway
  • Your Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Epinephrine Pathway
  • Your Biopterin Pathway
  • Your Histamine Pathway

Each Pathway Features:

  • Researched Genetic Variants

    Hand-picked by a research team based on select criteria

  • Pathway Diagrams

    Visualize gene-gene-gene interactions so you get the Big Picture

  • Vitamins and Minerals

    Identified for each gene clearly

  • Influencing Factors

    Identified for each gene. What speeds them up? What slows them down?

  • Full Bibliography

    References to back up claims and share with your doctor

  • Doctor Trusted

    Used by health professionals across the globe

  • Community Support

    Facebook Group

  • Raw Data

    Included for browsing and download

We Prepare You to Succeed

Presented by Seeking Health®


StrateGene® DNA Collection Kit – Physical

Choose between Saliva Collection (those who are able to spit) or Swab Collection (those who cannot spit)

StrateGene® Core Report – Digital

6 Biochemical Pathways, 75 Genes, 147 Functional SNPs, Countless Recommendations for Lifestyle, Food, Environment and Supplements.

StrateGene® Raw Data – Digital

Browse, Share or Download your raw data

Dirty Genes by Dr. Ben Lynch – Physical

As a National Bestseller, this book walks you through the Super Seven genes with quizzes, lab results and recommendations. Learn real time how your genes are functioning and acquire the information and tools needed to help clean them up.

Dirty Genes Course – Digital
  • 4 hours and 39 minutes of Dr. Lynch
  • 10 video lessons
  • Well-organized and sequential
  • Easy to understand
Dirty Genes Summit (2 Interviews) – Digital
  • Dirty Genes by Dr. Ben Lynch
  • How Genetic Testing Should be Interpreted by Dr. Shelese Pratt
ABC’s of Clean Genes – Digital

A simple guide to cleaning your genes with recommendations and examples.

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Are you a healthcare professional?

Improve your patient outcomes by carrying StrateGene® right in your office. Save more when buying in bulk.

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Dr. Ben Lynch is one of the most intelligent, intuitive and well researched pioneers in the field of functional medicine, genomics, and how to personalize your lifestyle based on your genetics. I cannot recommend him or his work highly enough, especially his book Dirty Genes and his gene analysis service StrateGene®.


Ben Greenfield

Author of NY Times Bestseller Beyond Training and Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast

StrateGene® has been an invaluable tool paired with the Dirty Genes book, courses, Dr. Ben’s videos & Seeking Health® supplements in helping optimize both my husband & I’s health! We’re working on helping many dirty genes behave clean through epigenetics. We would never have been able to make this much progress without Dr. Ben’s guidance through the tools he provides & Strategene®.



San Diego, CA

StrateGene® answers the fundamental questions about our genetic information including what the information actually means, and more importantly, how we as consumers can use this information to pursue better health. StrateGene® is one of the most empowering health and wellness tools available today.


David Perlmutter, MD

Board-certified neurologist and #1 New York Times bestselling author.

StrateGene® is an invaluable tool for any practitioner evaluating genomics and treating complex medical conditions. This report empowers both doctors and patients with information to practice Precision Medicine. It is scientifically researched and has led to amazing outcomes in my patients. StrateGene® is an essential road map for my most difficult cases. I’m so grateful to offer this level of detail to my patients.


Dr. Shelese Pratt, N.D.

The Pratt Clinics

Great – The personalized information given here is so much more helpful than a simple list of genetic mutations provided on other sites for raw DNA upload. If you have the time to learn and dig into Dr. Lynch’s material, you have the ability to change your health for the better. He is a treasure trove of information and encouragement for lifestyle change in light of your personal genetics



Newburgh, IN

This is the most innovative and scientifically accurate genetic report on the market. You get to actually visualize the various genetic pathways. No other report gives you this level of actionable information. Now, Dr. Lynch has developed StrateGene® into a full-service genetic test with more SNPs, extended pathways, increased accuracy and even more customer support! It is the only genetic report I recommend to my patients.


Jess P. Armine DC, RN

I use StrateGene® to cut through all the noise and identify the key genes that provide actionable insights about nutrition. No other report is as useful, as streamlined, or as easy to work with. I use it in my consulting practice, incorporate it into my system for managing nutritional status, and recommend it to anyone who asks me for advice about how to to analyze their genome.


Chris Masterjohn, PhD

Author of Testing Nutritional Status: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet -

Lifechanging – I found out what my mutations are over a year ago but they really didn’t mean anything to me. Then a month ago I heard about Ben Lynch and started reading about his work. I bought his book and Strategene® Analysis. Although it didn’t make sense to me at first, I have watched so many of his videos and joined his fb group and now I’m beginning to see a clear path. I appreciate this so much that I just ordered another one for my son.



Bridgeville, PA

Comprehensive details of your genetic snp. The pathway infographics makes it comprehendable how in all connects to each other. Shows co factors that activate a gene or toxins that might inhibit that Gene. I keep referring back to it constantly and learning more each time about my genetic make up!



Honolulu, HI

Dr. Ben Lynch talking to a group of people
My system zeroes in on the genetic abnormalities that pose the greatest challenges in people’s health and then provides comprehensive plans for overcoming those challenges through diet, environment and lifestyle.

Dr. Ben Lynch

Best-selling author of Dirty Genes, President of Seeking Health® and Founder of StrateGene®

Learn More about Dr. Lynch Learn more about StrateGene®

Your questions, answered.

  • What is your privacy policy and do you sell my results?

    We’re on your side. StrateGene® is built for you. To summarize a lot of legal speak, our privacy policy states that we do not sell your data to 3rd parties and your data is de-identified and encrypted.

    Please see link to our full Privacy Policy here.

  • What security measures do you have in place to protect my information?

    The StrateGene® platform has been built by professional firms who are experts in security. To further ensure your data is secure, a professional security assessment was performed along with penetration testing. Both have been performed on the StrateGene® application and hosting environment. Penetration testing is defined as ‘the practice of testing a computer system, network or web application to find security vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.’

    StrateGene® is built on an enterprise platform that utilizes the following industry-standard security measures to protect your data: 

    • Data in Transit: SSL certificates ensure the data in transit is secure. Access to the StrateGene® Database is only available via the Secured StrateGene® application. All backend Application Programming Interfaces are HTTPS based, where the SSL certs encrypt the traffic between the web layer and app layer.
    • Data at Rest: The StrateGene® database itself is encrypted as well as any database snapshots. Data that is encrypted at rest includes the underlying storage for database instances, its automated backups, Read Replicas, and snapshots. After the data is encrypted, the StrateGene® application authenticates access and decryption of the data happens transparently.
    • Administrative Access: The StrateGene® application and supporting systems have users with Administrative Access. Access is granted on a need to know basis only.
    • Secure Database Access: Access to the StrateGene® database is enabled only for the application tier. The Database credentials are used only by the application layer.
    • Application Authentication and Authorization: The user management system is using an industry standard authentication and authorization system which utilizes generated access tokens – which are highly secure. These tokens also handle session expirations and session validations.
    • Application Access to Database: Each user is granted a unique identifier and unique application  Universally Unique Identifier (UUID), which is a Database generated hexadecimal string. Data access is determined by the user account connected to the UUID. All Database tables are logically partitioned by the UUIDs, which ensures users can access only the data that belongs to them. Account Usernames are not used as unique identifiers to access data.
    • User Raw Data and Report Security: When a user is created in the StrateGene® system, the application creates a private data storage corresponding to that user and protected by a unique  identifier. The private data storage is accessible only by the user.
    • Logging and Monitoring: There is extensive application logging inside the StrateGene® application code and each user operation is audited.
    • Third Party Access: The StrateGene® application allows for 3rd party access to specified data locations for the purpose of exchanging data using Application Programming Interfaces (API’s). The StrateGene® security system uses OAuth2 authentication in these instances. Specific security roles have been assigned to these third parties and the API’s are protected using these roles.
  • What are the major differences between the old StrateGene® analysis report and the new StrateGene® analysis report?

    The new StrateGene® (test and report) contains updated pathways and explanations of results that are more in-depth and easier to understand. Below are similarities and differences between the previous version of the StrateGene® report and the newest version:


    1. Pathway-based approach
    2. Includes Folate, Methionine, Transsulfuration, Biopterin, Histamine pathways
    3. Research-based genetic variants
    4. Compounds and lifestyle activities specified to support each gene
    5. Compounds and lifestyle activities that speed up or slow down each gene

    Major differences:

    1. Report data is based on Seeking Health’s custom built genetic test. No longer use 23andme or Ancestry raw data.
    2. Pathways are updated with the latest research, additional genes, additional variants and simplified terminology
    3. Folate and Methionine Pathways are combined into a new pathway named The Methylation Pathway. This is important as it demonstrates how these pathways work together.
    4. Biopterin pathway is expanded to include the formation and recycling of biopterin
    5. Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Epinephrine pathways are all greatly expanded and now exist as their own separate pathway versus being all in the Biopterin pathway
    6. Serotonin and Melatonin pathways are greatly expanded and now exist as their own separate pathway versus being all in the Biopterin pathway
    7. Information on what dirties specific pathways and genes
    8. Recommendations on how to support specific dirty genes using lifestyle, environment, food and supplements
    9. Using meters on pathways to denote if a gene is slower or faster instead of stating the presence of a variant with colors (red, yellow or green).
    10. Haplotypes – researched collections of SNPs, which when in combination with each other, contribute to a specific effect such as increased susceptibility to anxiety or increased susceptibility to histamine intolerance. For example, we have a 4 SNP COMT haplotype which is way more effective than reporting just single COMT SNPs.
    11. Raw data that you can browse or download on
    12. Ability to share your report or raw data to your physician/loved ones within a secure platform
  • Who is StrateGene® NOT for?

    StrateGene® respects the complexity of the human body. While this makes things more difficult initially, it is the right long term approach as oversimplification leads to bad health outcomes. It is not possible to recommend specific supplements or dosages based on genetic findings. Reports that are currently doing this are a disservice to you and are doing it because the market demands it. It’s the wrong thing to do.

    Here are examples of individuals who are not good candidates to use StrateGene®:

    • “I was really looking for how to best supplement my body given my genetic makeup.”
    • “I wish it would make suggestions for which specific supplement (brand, product name) to use and to avoid.”
    • “Clear concise nutritional advice, dosage, etc.”
    • “I’d love you to point out like if this is red it means this and you need to take these supplements to straighten it out. I really just need to know what supplements to take to feel better, especially if my clean diet on its own isn’t helping.”
  • Who is StrateGene® ideal for?

    StrateGene® is perfect for individuals who are excited for a comprehensive holistic approach integrating genetics and epigenetics. They love to learn, think things through and progressively improve how they’re feeling.

    Examples of individuals who are excellent candidates to use StrateGene®:

    1. “I wanted to understand the picture of MY genetic disposition because of the myriad of health issues I have. I was tired of getting band aid fixes from doctors, and I want to always improve the position I’m in to advocate for and manage my health. I do that by being a continual student. StrateGene® takes an extremely complex subject and puts some direction and focus on it that’s PERSONAL to me. That’s huge.”
    2. “I am a problem solver. Other tools were not helpful in any way.”
    3. “Gain insight into inherited susceptibilities and discover where you need support.”
    4. “Make connections between your need for certain diet and lifestyle interventions along with supporting nutrients to feel well.”

You're in Control

Throughout your life, you’ve dirtied your genes from stress, infections, and environmental exposures. You’ve also inherited SNPs which increase, and decrease, your susceptibility for various nagging symptoms and health conditions. Your worry is over. StrateGene® gives you a literal map of how your genes are built so you can make strategic choices each and every day.

Regain Control of Your Genes


  • Air Pollution
  • Poor Sleep
  • Negative Mindset
  • Medications
  • Sugar / Carbs
  • Overeating
  • inflammation
  • WiFi
  • In Utero Exposures
  • Tap Water
  • Breathing Improperly
  • Toxins
  • Infections / Mold
  • Stress
  • Processed Foods
  • Chemicals
  • SNPs
  • Clean Air
  • Restful Sleep
  • Laughter
  • Community
  • Real Foods
  • Sauna
  • Vacation
  • Active lifestyle
  • Breastfed
  • Pure Water
  • Breathing Properly
  • Organic/Non GMO
  • Meditation
  • Targeted Nutrients
  • Hobbies
  • Preconception Care
  • SNPs
body silhouette clean gene spots dirty gene spots


  • Altered Gene Expression

  • Symptoms

  • Development of Disease

  • Healthy Gene Expression

  • Elimination of Symptoms

  • Optimal Life

Person with
Dirty Genes
Toggle Dirty Toggle Clean
Person with
Clean Genes

Regain Control of Your Genes

StrateGene® Genetic Pathway Analysis

Presented by Seeking Health®*

Iincludes: DNA Test Collection Kit (Swab or Spit), StrateGene® Core Report, Raw Data

Additional Bonuses include: Dirty Genes Book, ABCs of Clean Genes, Dirty Genes Course (10 videos), Dirty Genes Summit (2 interviews)


*Presented by Seeking Health LLC on behalf of Dirty Genes LLC. StrateGene® is not refundable.

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The ABCs of Clean Genes

Download the bonus chapter in Dr. Lynch’s book, Dirty Genes, the ABCs of Clean Genes.